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Plea for EU leather sector to add voice to chrome VI proposals

Leather UK director Kerry Senior has insisted it is very important that industry members respond to the European Commissions’ Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) as they set out regulation on chrome VI in leather.

He said: “The SEAC has published its draft opinion on the proposed Skin Sensitisers Regulation, noting the responses to the RAC consultation. The good news is that they have proposed maintaining a 3 mg/kg limit for CrVI in leather, on the basis that it is not currently possible to reliably measure below that limit.

“However, they have also said, ‘SEAC therefore recommends the 3 mg/kg concentration limit to have a temporary nature and advises that the consultation of the SEAC draft opinion is used to gather information on the time window and practical needs to achieve a reliable 1 mg/kg detection limit for CrVI in leather’.

“As such, it is very important that our sector responds to the draft proposal with technical, but more importantly, economic reasons why a lower limit is not possible, i.e. those options that are available are not financially-viable options for routine monitoring of leather. We should also draw attention to, and provide examples of, the contradictory results that are sometimes seen with the current method and the financial implications this has for the sector.”

He added that UK leather manufacturers exporting to the EU will still have to comply with EU standards after Brexit. 

The link to the SEAC draft for responding can be found here.


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