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How Mexican footwear can grow export revenues

The head of external commerce at CICEG, the main footwear industry body in Mexico’s biggest shoe-producing state, Guanajuato, Daniel Sepúlveda, has outlined a series of measures for increasing the export business of Mexican footwear manufacturers.

Mexican footwear manufacturers earned more than $525 million in export revenues in 2018, with 75% of that total coming from one market, the US. In comments at the start of September, Mr Sepúlveda proposed a number of areas of focus for increasing this total.

He said shoe producers in Mexico should work harder to seek brand or retail partners in overseas markets with the aim of becoming outsource manufacturers of own-brand footwear collections.

He added that shoe companies that decide to go down this path should devote their marketing  efforts to finding partners in their target markets and encourage their overseas customers to set up an office in Mexico to help these partnerships work well.

His suggestions also include setting up dedicated, export-focused shoe factories to allow some manufacturers to concentrate only on exports, and encouraging producers to focus on one specific niche.

Mr Sepúlveda also suggested that Mexican shoe companies should invest more in product development and in promoting themselves internationally and look on these activities as long-term investments.

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