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New Kering animal welfare standards frown on feedlots

Luxury group Kering has published new standards for animal welfare, saying that it wants to “ensure and verify” the humane treatment of animals across its supply chains.
“Improving the welfare of animals must be an imperative for our industry and Kering wants to amplify the focus of attention from a few species to all of the animals, including livestock, within fashion’s global supply chains,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering’s chief sustainability officer and head of international institutional affairs. 

She said the group hopes for widespread adoption of the standards among suppliers and among other companies in the luxury industry.

The standards include detailed requirements for the treatment of cattle, sheep and goats throughout their entire lives, as well as guidelines for abattoirs. Developed over three years with input from animal welfare experts, farmers and herders, scientists and NGOs, the standards are based on the latest scientific research and legislation.
There are gold, silver and bronze tiers in the structure of these standards. At the highest level, there will be a requirement to move away from using feedlots and intensive farming in favour of placing cattle on pasture-land “for better quality of life”.

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