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Two more tanneries join Brazil’s CSCB programme

Tanning industry body CICB has revealed that two more leather manufacturers are now working towards accreditation under the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB).
Baby Leather and Sean Couros, both based in Rio Grande do Sul, are the two newest recruits to the certification programme, which was set up in 2012, with standards agreed and published in 2014. Detailed criteria cover four “dimensions of sustainability” that the programme has identified: sustainability management, economic, environmental and social aspects.

There are four levels of certification that tanners can achieve, depending on how many of these criteria they fulfil. Provided they meet at least 50% of the indicators, they can earn a bronze certification. Silver is for those meeting 75%, gold 90% and diamond 100% of the criteria.

To date, two Brazilian tanning groups have achieved certification: Fuga Couros achieved a silver award in January 2018 and, two months later, Curtume Courovale achieved a gold award.

With these two new additions, a total of  18 other tanning groups in Brazil are currently working towards certification. Brazil has a total of 310 tanneries.

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