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Italian tanners set up new wet-end joint-venture

Italian tanning companies Gruppo Dani, headquartered in the Veneto cluster around Arzignano, and  Volpi, based in Tuscany, have announced a new joint-venture that will carry out wet-end processing for both groups.

They made the announcement on April 6, saying a facility already owned by Volpi in Ponte a Egola would become the production site and headquarters of the new operation, which will be called Dani  & Volpi. They said the new production site, which will be operational by the summer, will make both wet blue and wet white. The companies will then carry out retanning and finishing of the material at their own sites. They will create up to 20 new jobs through the joint-venture.

In comments he made at the time, Gruppo Dani chief executive, Giancarlo Dani, said: “Our production is substantial and the common effluent treatment plant we have in Arzignano is already at full capacity. That’s why we have decided to set up this new operation.”

He went on to praise the leather-making traditions of Tuscany and to express hope that Gruppo Dani might benefit by learning from the luxury and fashion know-how that tanners there are famous for, while bringing its industrial experience to the partnership. “This may even open up opportunities for us in high fashion,” he added. “Gruppo Dani already makes accessories, but on a vast scale rather than in niches.”

For his part, Leonardo Volpi said the arrival of partners from Veneto was a good sign for the leather industry in and around Ponte a Egola and Santa Croce. “It shows that the environmental management we have in place leads the field,” he said, adding that working with Gruppo Dani would give his family’s company a chance to improve its standards further.

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