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Leather Pipeline: leather as a sustainable alternative to polluting plastics

Our exclusive Leather Pipeline suggests 2018 should be the year the industry proactively promotes leather as a sustainable alternative to plastic-based materials, particularly as momentum gathers behind initiatives that are highlighting ocean pollution.

“The oceans are polluted and it gets worse every day,” the author says. “The use of more leather will not solve the problem but it is unacceptable that a sustainable material is constantly under attack and used as a tool by various organisations for their political ideas. The constant uncritical obedience by the industry to every request will, in our opinion, not serve us well.”

He says too much energy is spent worrying about animal welfare organisations. “The industry is basically offering excuses instead of focusing on the fact that high standards are prevalent from the farm to finished product in 90% to 95% of business,” he says.

Read the full report, as well as the US and German perspectives, on the Market Info page.

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