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ISA TanTec prepares “Italian-developed” leather range

Tanning group ISA TanTec is finalising its first range of “Italian-developed” finished leather following its acquisition of a major stake in ScaBrenta, a specialist tannery based in Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy, in November.

ScaBrenta has been making leather since 1941 but has, more recently, gained a reputation for producing innovative finishing solutions, including topcoats, waxes and defect remedies. ISA TanTec said on announcing the development in November that ScaBrenta’s proprietary technology and “deep knowledge of Italian leather making” will be of value to research and development efforts across ISA TanTec; the group has tanneries in China, Vietnam and the US.

At the start of the new year, ISA TanTec said one of the first areas in which its stake in ScaBrenta will make an impact will be in allowing it to offer “Italian-developed” leather options to the Asian market.

It said it will include the first of these “Italian-developed” products in its range of finished leathers for autumn-winter 2019-2020, which will go on show to customers later this year.

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