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Leather Pipeline: Stability reigns but rumours of surplus stockpiles spook the market

The leather pipeline is witnessing its most stable period for decades, which is great news for some sectors but others are longing for change.

This is the message from our Leather Pipeline report, which says continuing sales growth for carmakers and luxury brands is creating a steady demand for supplying tanneries.

The author says these end-users should speak publicly about leather – the fact it turns a byproduct into a valuable material is something to celebrate – but he fears many are afraid of the anti-leather campaign groups.

However, for footwear leather suppliers and those working in sectors where leather can be easily replaced, the situation is far from good.

There are also an increasing number of rumours suggesting there are stocks of skins piling up around the globe, which many companies do not want to admit.

To read the full report, see our Market Info page, where there are also updates from US and German perspectives.

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