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Research says consumers expect sustainability from luxury brands

Dubai-based retail and distribution partner to luxury brands Chalhoub Group has published a new white paper entitled Luxury in the Gulf: A Sustainable Future?

Reflecting the role the group has had in helping luxury brands establish a retail presence in the Middle East, Chalhoub’s white paper includes comments from prominent figures in the luxury industry, including Michèle Huiban, the chief executive of Lanvin.

Chalhoub also carried out surveys with global luxury consumers as part of its research for the publication and concluded that, although 65% of respondents said sustainabilityb is not part of their decision-making agenda when it comes to luxury purchases, the question of sustainability clearly matters to them.

More than 80% of the high-end consumers Chalhoub talked to said they want and expect the brands and manufacturers they buy from to have sustainable practices in place.

Taking the two findings together, the clear suggestion is that luxury consumers want sustainable products, but they expect not to have to take any steps themselves to verify the sustainability of the things they buy. They want the companies they buy from to do all the work.

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