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Beast to Beauty

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Leather in the fast lane
The world’s leading motorcycle apparel brands, Alpinestars and Dainese, tell us why leather will always have a special place on the track and on the road.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2019
Under the skin
Skyeskyns’ remote Scottish home provides a stunning backdrop for traditional tanning practices that attract visitors in their thousands.
World Leather - Jun/July 2019
Bauhaus bags
Architect-turned-leathergoods-designer Elena Garcia Silva uses her knowledge of and passion for beautiful buildings in the collections she creates for Lautem, her own leathergoods brand.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2019
Diamonds spark a love of leather
An entrepreneur from London, Obi Okoronkwo, launched luxury accessories brand, Laurus, in 2016. With a showroom in Milan, Laurus appears to be following a well-trodden path, but Mr Okoronkwo’s route into leathergoods was unusual.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2018
A luxury statement
Leather made the cut as one of the “exquisite materials” Mercedes-Benz incorporated into the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept car it unveiled at Auto China 2018.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2018
A cut above the rest
With the help of technology solutions provider Lectra, French furniture maker Duvivier Canapés has been able to boost its production capacity and give more customers the opportunity to own a piece of its stylish leather furniture.
World Leather - Jun/July 2018
Jackson Wayne lets leather do the talking
Tennessee-based leathergoods manufacturer Jackson Wayne eschews superfluous aesthetic details when designing its products; it prefers to let the vegetable-tanned, fullgrain leather it uses speak for itself.
World Leather - Apr/May 2018
A brand that does things differently
Brazilian footwear and accessories brand Carmen Steffens grew out of the Couroquimica leather manufacturing business 25 years ago, achieving a level of vertical integration that is still unusual in the global industry.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2018
Burberry offcuts find new lease of life
Elvis & Kresse was launched to transform old London Fire Brigade hosepipes into accessories and has now taken on the challenge of repurposing leather, teaming up with the UK-based luxury group to make a dent in the global waste problem.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2017
Sweet dreams
Bed manufacturer De Rucci is investing in advanced technology, including leather-cutting solutions, to help make its supply more efficient while improving product quality. Its aim is to help more customers around the world sleep better, something of which millions of people in today’s world have an urgent need.
World Leather - Oct/Nov 2017
People before profit
Saddleback Leather donates almost all of its earnings to charitable causes and has set up a welfare scheme and nursery at its manufacturing facilities in Mexico.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2017
Material witness
In a keynote presentation that he gave at the 2017 Business of Luxury Summit in Lisbon in May, Hermès chief executive, Axel Dumas, offered a robust reaffirmation of his company’s commitment to making its much-desired bags from high-quality leather, and to making them in France.
World Leather - June/July 2017
Inspired by art
Australian footwear design student Kira Goodey has won the fifth ‘Craft the Leather’ prize in an annual outreach competition organised by Tuscany’s Consortium for Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather. A particular piece of Tuscan art was the main inspiration for her entry, a shoe design that swept the panel of judges away.
World Leather - Apr/May 2017
For the love of gloves
Naples-based Gloves dei Fratelli Forino relies on the age-old combination of skilled craftspeople and carefully selected materials to produce a range of elegant leather gloves for all occasions.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2017
Only organic leather will do
When Norwegian leathergoods brand Hvrmnnsn decided it wanted to bring out a luxury tote bag in certified organic leather it found “the obvious choice” of partner in Swedish tanner and leathergoods manufacturer Tärnsjö Garveri.
World Leather - Oct/Nov 2016
Via La Moda breathes new life into exotic leather
Via La Moda, a South Africa-based manufacturer of handbags made from ostrich, crocodile and python skin, keeps a respect for leather at the centre of everything it does.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2016
Spyker places highvalue on leather
Luxury automobile manufacturer Spyker presented its latest offering to the super sportscar market, the C8 Preliator, at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. The Dutch company makes the bold claim that the interior of its new model features the “highest-quality leather available in the market”.
World Leather - June/July 2016
Furniture for the future
Bavarian furniture manufacturer Bru¨hl & Sippold has won more than 60 national and international design awards. A twin passion for quality leather and respecting the planet is at the heart of the company. Through a combination of skillful craftspeople and high-quality materials, it aspires to find a balance between style and sustainability.
World Leather - Apr/May 2016
U-turn in car concepts
Stahl has lent its know-how to a driverless car design by Swiss company Rinspeed that showcases innovative technologies and debuts glow-in-the-dark leather.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2016
Power play
Irish designer Úna Burke uses vegetable-tanned leather to create eye-catching sculptures and accessories that have earned her an army of celebrity fans.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2015
Haglöfs extends sustainability aims
The brand has set the bar high so there can be no accusations of greenwashing, and has introduced a set of criteria for footwear to carry its Take Care label.
World Leather - Oct/Nov 2015
Kangaroos and alligators
L­­­isa Sorrell makes probably the most striking cowboy boots that money can buy, and yet this came about purely by chance.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2015
Wrap artists
With projections that the automotive industry will consume an increasing volume of leather in the next five years, its suppliers everywhere will have to be ready. Faurecia’s specialist leather cutting plant in Slovakia believes Europe will remain a key part of the automotive supply picture and that it will be able to respond quickly.
World Leather - June/July 2015
Boot brand identifies with Terracare leather
When high-end Swedish outdoor footwear brand Lundhags heard about Terracare leather from Josef Heinen, it identified immediately with the concept it aims to put across. You can make high-quality leather and care for the environment at the same time, and you can take pride in putting this message across to retailers and consumers.
World Leather - Apr/May 2015
Dutch boost for Mongolia’s leather sector
A new project brings together tanners, chemicals, finished goods manufacturers and brands in a bid to create a transparent, sustainable supply chain in a re-emerging industry. Fashion designer Hans Ubbink has put his weight behind the initiative, which is hoped might become a blueprint for others.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2015
Beast to Beauty: Out of the ordinary
Practically all the leather in the world comes from animals raised for meat: cows, sheep, pigs and goats. There are exceptions and some of them make the industry substantially more colourful.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2014
The value of adding value
Three years ago, UK-based tanning group Pittards made no gloves, even though it has been a globally renowned supplier of gloving leather for decades. A desire to make maximum value of the sheep and bovine leather it is producing at its tannery in Ethiopia led to the setting up of its own finished product factory in the African country’s capital, Addis Ababa.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2014
Maasai Project is the pride of Pikolinos
A chance encounter between a Maasai tribal leader and the founder of a Spanish aid agency led to footwear brand Pikolinios embarking on an inspiring corporate social responsibility project.
World Leather - Aug/Sept 2014
Beast to Beauty: The scourge of counterfeiting
The fifth Beast to Beauty conference, was held in London, and addressed how cheap imitations, false labelling and fraud has a profound impact on leathergoods companies, their supply chains and consumers.
World Leather - June/July 2014
After Latin America, the world
Colombian entrepreneur Mario Hernández launched his own clothing and leathergoods manufacturing company in the 1970s, but took a decision in 1997 to stop making good products for others and to put his own name on them. He steadily built up a chain of more than 100 stockists across the globe and has more than 60 own-brand stores. He now seeks global recognition as the Latin American luxury leathergoods brand ‘por excelencia’ and to open stores all over the world.
World Leather - Apr/May 2014
By royal appointment
Although it has seen its raw material costs rise almost 50% in the past three years, British leathergoods brand Ettinger is experiencing substantial growth and believes the key to its success is embracing its heritage.
World Leather - Aug/Sep 2013
Beast to Beauty conference 2013
The fourth Beast to Beauty event had ‘Eco and Creativity by Design’ as its theme. It brought together representatives from the whole leather supply chain, from tanner to designer, and culminated in a debate on the topic of the moment: leather’s carbon footprint.
World Leather - Aug/Sep 2013
Personalisation drives Rolls-Royce's profits
The British luxury carmaker has seen substantial growth in the number of customers requesting customised interiors over the past few years, and now almost all vehicles encompass some kind of bespoke element.
World Leather - June/July 2013
Events round-up
2nd Freiberg Leather Days: Leather up to date and 116th SLTC conference; 116th Annual conference of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC); Awards of prizes and certificates, The University of Northampton, Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT); the 32nd Congress of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists (IULTCS); and Beast to Beauty conference
World Leather - June/July 2013
Life on the Ocean Wave
UK-based design house Redman Whiteley Dixon has created the interiors for some of the world’s largest, and most stylish, superyachts. For multi-millionaire owners, only the best will do – and that includes a liberal swathing of the finest-quality leather.
World Leather - Apr/May 2013
Leather seats on the metro
When Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority launched its metro service in 2009, it decided to put leather on the seats in its Gold Class. Even for short journeys by public transport, it wanted passengers to have access to a touch of luxury.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2013
Something special
A custom tailoring operation for customers who want something extra special in their new Porsche cars employs 35 skilled craftspeople, all with a deep knowledge of high-end leather, in Zuffenhausen, near the automotive brand’s headquarters in Stuttgart.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2012
A love of fashion and a love for China
Visitors to Shanghai’s most famous thoroughfare, The Bund, will have noticed a local name among the stellar boutiques. Shiatzy Chen continues to expand across China and internationally thanks to its ability to combine Chinese culture and beauty with western fashion techniques and craftsmanship.
World Leather - Oct/Nov 2012
Beast to beauty: Leather garments for the stars
After years of designing bespoke leather jackets and jeans for discerning Hollywood celebrities, California-based fashion designer Mychael Darwin has lost nothing of his love for working with leather.
World Leather - Aug/Sep 2012
Leather lends itself to luxury
The automotive industry is a healthy market for tanners at the moment, and the higher up the luxury pyramid we look, the stronger the car companies’ commitment to leather seems to be, with iconic English brand Bentley Motors one of the best examples.
World Leather - June/July 2012
Beast to beauty: Leather brings Gaultier designs to life
Jean Paul Gaultier has been one of the stellar names of haute couture for more than 35 years. Between 2003 and 2010, he was design director of women’s ready-to-wear for luxury brand Hermes, with Hermes eventually owning a 45% stake in the Gaultier brand. The relationship ended when Hermes sold that part of its business, but as this article reveals, seven years at Hermes left the designer with a deep love of leather, which still influences his work today.
World Leather - Apr/May 2012
Only the best will do
Gaitonde is a name with great renown, not just in India, but in the international footwear industry. We take a look at the company, from humble beginnings in the 1920s through to its current production and direction.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2012
Stepping out
Warm tones of brown, khaki, camel and deep red are all key colours for the autumn-winter 2011 women’s footwear season. We can also expect to see some interesting contrasts, says expert Claudia Schulz.
World Leather - Apr/May 2011
Hair styling
The two entrepreneurs from São Paulo who founded specialist leather design consultancy 4 Stagioni have toured major exhibitions this spring to show off their Sagarana collection of leathergoods. The bags in the collection combine the panache of Brazil’s biggest city with elements of the country’s wilder side.
World Leather - Apr/May 2011
The Royal Wedding: leather highlights
The royal wedding in April was surely the biggest fashion event of 2011, and with this in mind, we consider some of the shoes, bags and gloves worn by the guests.
World Leather - Apr/May 2011
Beast to Beauty conference 2010
Industry experts from all stages of the leather supply chain took to the stand to share their insights with delegates, but the main focus throughout was on producing leather in a more sustainable way.
World Leather - Aug/Sep 2010
Catching up with Coach
While its reach is ever broader, Coach is determined to maintain its classic American identity and style.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2010

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