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A digital archive of previous editions of World Leather Magazine. Essential reading for tanners,leather traders, manufacturers and the wider industry, featuring essential technical papers, country commentaries, topical articles and special supplements.


The October-November issue of World Leather is now available for subscribers to read online. This issue is full of the details of launches of new technology and new ideas. But World Leather doesn’t just provide news of what has happened. We go further than anyone to offer detailed explanations. Highlights include Smit & Zoon’s new business division, Nera, and new zeolite-based tanning system; chief executive, Hans van Haarst, makes clear why the company has brought this technology to market now and how it set about developing it. There are two separate articles about this, one in the Technology section, the other in Leather and the Circular Economy. In parallel, you can learn about tanning group ISA TanTec’s decision to start developing plant-based alternative materials. As founder and executive chairman, Tom Schneider, makes abundantly clear in our Leather Leaders section this time, these new materials will be alternatives not to leather, but to plastic. Leather will continue to be the group’s main focus, of course. The purveyors of what he calls “the polyurethane stuff”, who for so long have tried (and lied) to take business away from the leather industry are about to have the tables turned on them by a tanner. Take that. Other important articles this time give details of the arguments against attempts to lower the allowable limits of chrome VI in leather and of the work to introduce formal standards for circular-economy projects. Not to be missed is the leather industry’s come-out-fighting response to recent changes to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI). For once, there is unity and a common voice across the global leather sector.

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