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A digital archive of previous editions of World Leather Magazine. Essential reading for tanners,leather traders, manufacturers and the wider industry, featuring essential technical papers, country commentaries, topical articles and special supplements.


The April-May 2020 issue is now available. Stand-out articles include an exclusive, hard-hitting interview with Jon Clark, chief executive of PrimeAsia, in our Leather Leaders series, plus ongoing insights on Leather and the Circular Economy. The series continues here with articles that give an in-depth explanation of the links between leather and waste management, plus features on leather’s longevity and its capacity for helping talented people in the developing world to find jobs and escape poverty. The technical section of the magazine includes articles on subjects ranging from unhairing to the use of robotics and artificial intelligence. We close this issue with a close-up view of the life, work and thoughts of high-end shoe designer Christian Louboutin; he reveals his reasons for remaining loyal to leather.

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