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Italian group’s zeolite products ‘consolidated’ into Smit & Zoon

Leather chemicals manufacturer Smit & Zoon has formed a new partnership with Italian company BioProTech. They will work together to bring their range of patented aluminosilicate and zeolite technologies to the tanning industry.

Exactly one week after Smit & Zoon launched a new zeolite-based tanning system, Zeology, it has now announced that tanning products based on zeolite derivatives that BioProTech has developed will now be “fully consolidated” into the business of the Smit & Zoon group. This includes the Italian company’s best known product, tanning agent Atoxitan.

On making the announcement, Smit & Zoon paid tribute to the work BioProTech has done over a number of years to develop zeolite tanning agents.

The companies said they both wanted to drive sustainability in the leather value chain out of a shared desire to establish “a more sustainable leather industry”.

As part of the partnership, they will join forces to develop, produce and market further zeolite products for tanning and retanning. They said this will create “a strong platform” for the leather industry, providing an alternative tanning technology based on zeolites. They said this would be sustainable and would produce leather of high quality. 

At the time of the launch of Zeology, Smit & Zoon announced that a new component company of the group, Nera, through which it will bring new tanning solutions to market.

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