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Stahl to showcase ‘cleaner’ leather waterproofing solution at APLF

Leather chemicals manufacturer Stahl has launched a new product for making leather waterproof. 

It has called the new product Densodrin Polymeric Generation and has described it as “the cleanest waterproofing available to tanners and shoe manufacturers”. It is a 100% polymer silicone waterproofing solution that delivers full polymeric neutralisation, retanning and waterproofing.

“This makes it possible to improve the environmental footprint of leather waterproofing considerably, while still being promising the excellent performance that customers and consumers expect,” Stahl said. It will showcase this idea at APLF (March 13-15).
Densodrin Polymeric Generation is compliant with the ZDHC manufacturers’ restricted substance list and is free of polyfluorocarbons (PFCs). 

Explaining the environmental benefits of switching to a full polymer silicone waterproofing solution, one of the company’s technical managers, Lionel Champanhet, said: “Using our new generation waterproofing products reduces untreated effluents. This is because of the near-100% fixation of the products. Furthermore, the polymeric solution reduces chemical and biological oxygen demand by 60%, and it uses 50% less salt than conventional waterproofing.” 

He added that there is also a 30% reduction in processing time, which means lower energy demand.

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