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Growth for the Tokyo Leather Fair

The ninety-ninth Tokyo Leather Fair took place in the Japanese capital from December 6-7.

In total, 95 exhibitors took part in the event: 56 from Japan, 25 from Italy, 11 from France and three from Spain. This represents an increse of almost 8% compared to the December edition last year.

Of these 95 companies, 46 were tanners. Traders made up the next-biggest category, followed by component suppliers. All but two of the exhibitors from Europe were leather manufacturers, but there were more traders than tanners among the Japanese contingent; only nine of the exhibitors from the host country were tanners.

More than 6,000 visitors attended the two-day event; in total, 6,016 visitors were there. This edition was only the second this decade to break the 6,000-visitor barrier and the increase in visitor numbers compared to the winter edition last year was almost 3.5%.

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