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Leather Pipeline: Nothing will satisfy the anti-leather campaigners

The latest edition of our exclusive fortnightly market intelligence report, Leather Pipeline, says it is difficult for the leather industry to answer questions related to animal welfare as “absolutely nothing” will persuade anti-beef and anti-leather groups to stop their aggressive campaigning. 

It states that the presence of a wide variety of cultures within the leather industry makes it more difficult to establish a common global standard as animal welfare means different things to different groups of people. 

In spite of these difficulties, the report points out that there are very high standards in many parts of the world and that strong legislation and controls are in place to ensure these standards are upheld. 

It suggests these efforts may be futile, however. “You can set whatever standard you like, but it will never erase the fact that killing an animal for the production of meat and beef will be seen as cruelty by those who are against it,” according to the report. 

It also urges the leather industry to review its ambition to solve all the problems created by anti-leather campaign organisations. “The money and effort being invested at the moment seems to be in vain,” it says.

“The arguments have already been presented and the consumer will ultimately decide,” the report adds. “The strongest argument we have is that producing leather in an environmentally-friendly way is the best use for a hide or skin at the moment.”

The full report is available here

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