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TFL reopens leather fashion centre in Tuscany

Leather chemicals manufacturer TFL formally reopened its trends and fashion centre in Castelfranco di Sotto in Tuscany’s leather cluster on May 3. The renovation also includes an upgrade to the laboratory the company runs there.

The event included a presentation of TFL’s latest leather trends collection, a fashion show and a conference on the role e-commerce and the digital economy can play in the leather supply chain.

Prominent leather industry figures among the guests included Giancarlo Dani and Rino Mastrotto, representing their family-run leather manufacturing groups, and Franco Dalle Mese from Conceria Montebello, all from the Arzignano cluster. Founder of ISA TanTec, Tom Schneider, was also in attendance, as was president of tanning machinery group Cartigliano, Dr Toni Polato.

At the opening of the event, TFL chief executive, Dr Peter Amann, said he wanted the centre to become “a platform for exchanging ideas and for innovation in leather”. He said that it believed the contrast between the centuries-old tradition of vegetable-tanned leather production in Tuscany and TFL’s centre for creating new articles will make the centre “a wonderful place to be”.

On the subject of the digital economy’s impact on the leather industry, Dr Amann said: “This is a traditional industry and we all know how imprtant it is to feel and touch and smell leather. But the digital economy is a reality. For example, the latest figures show that up to almost 60% of all the shoes and leather garments sold in Europe now are being sold over the internet. That means we have to develop ideas on how to cope.”

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