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New buying behaviours are affecting furniture firms, Lectra says

Furniture company executives from 18 countries recently attended a seminar entitled ‘Furniture Goes Digital’, hosted by automated cutting technology provider Lectra. In total, 140 people attended the event at Lectra’s international advanced technology centre near Bordeaux.

As its main theme, the seminar sought to examine how digitalisation is “shaping consumer expectations” and transforming upholstered furniture manufacturing, Lectra said.

It explained that the “distinctly different behaviours and buying habits of the millennial generation” are now also affecting furniture shopping. This means demand for customised furnishings and quick turnaround times is pushing costs higher for furniture manufacturers.

Lectra told delegates that Industry 4.0 technologies, including data analytics and cutting-room innovations, will be key success factors for companies seeking to respond to “the complexities of the current manufacturing environment and capitalise on new business opportunities growing out of the connected economy”.

Furniture firms that have already begun their “digital transformation” shared their experiences and observations with those in attendance.

“The journey towards a fully Industry 4.0 future will be a long one, but it must start now,” said Lectra’s chief marketing and communications officer, Céline Choussy Bedouet. “Lectra’s goal is to empower our customers with the technology, ideas and support they need to thrive in the new industrial era.”

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