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Northampton confers honorary degrees on 15 more industry figures

More leather industry figures were invited to a special reception on July 17 to receive honorary degrees from the University of Northampton.

In recognition for the work of they have done for the global industry over a number of decades, the university’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) has decided to present honorary bachelor’s degrees to people who have served the global industry well, but whose formal leather industry education was at one of the ICLT’s two predecessors, the National Leathersellers’ College in London or Nene College in Northampton, where students were able to complete only a diploma rather than a degree course. 

An initial group of 12 former students received honorary degrees at a ceremony in Hong Kong on March 30. The July group included 15 people, representing various countries and different tanners, research and leather chemicals companies. They were:

Melaku Alemayehu Simegn
David Bird
Darryl Cassingham
Martin Elliott
Tom Marcus
Eric Poles
Christine Powley Williams
Mark Royal
Juan Manuel Salazar
Ian Tate
Krikor Tchakerian
Melon Tchakerian
Richard Temple
Jeannot Vogtlander and
Rob Wyss.

We send our congratulations to all of them.

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