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Commentary on topics of the moment from the World Leather editorial team and guest bloggers. Podcasts coming soon.

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Sam Setter column: Fiji Water - 12 February 2019
What has Fiji Water to do with leather? Nothing and everything.
David Peters column: The Whale in the Room - 29 January 2019
Eating healthy is a worthy goal and being a vegetarian or even a vegan is a respected way to conduct one’s life. Ensuring that your body receives only certain types of food is important to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. But vegetarians and veg...
Sam Setter column: No shame at all - 22 January 2019
A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 to all. We have closed a (for the leather industry) very disappointing 2018, with myriad challenges, of which the most important was the market situation with leather being out of fashion. Let us be optimisti...
David Peters column: Jurassic World - 10 January 2019
In a time long forgotten in a world far different from the present day, our ancestors scoured the planet in search of supplies for a vibrant and growing community. Their foraging for raw materials resulted in the creation of a community of skilled in...
Sam Setter column: Essential elements - 06 December 2018
Being a month of multiple festivities (like Saint Nicholas’ Day in the Netherlands, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Saint Lucy’s Day in Sweden, Hanukkah and Christmas) December usually boosts retail sales, hopefully this yea...

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