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Now in its fourth cycle, in-depth reports from nominees from the five regions – Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia excluding China, and China – from all programmes can be downloaded here, as well as reports of the awards ceremonies and details of the winners. World Leather is grateful for the backing of sponsors BASF, Buckman and Lanxess, and the support of the International Council of Tanners, the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies and the United Nations Development Organisation, as well as from the APLF exhibition. The background to the awards can be read on the Wikipedia page.


Tannery of the Year was launched in 2009 to celebrate leather, to help promote the material’s use throughout the world and to share positive stories from tanners in every continent. We have in-depth reports on all the tanneries that have taken part so far, containing detailed information about their companies, the state of the industry and thousands of examples of best practice. These reports are also collected in four volumes of our Tannery of the Year book.

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2018 global winner in expansion mode
A year ago, Interhides Limited was on top of the world, having won the global award in the sixth Tannery of the Year programme. Far from resting on its laurels, the Thai leather manufacturer has invested in a new building, new machinery and a new idea for succeeding as a supplier of wet blue and wet white of consistently high quality. It’s an idea that’s been tried before, but not like this.
World Leather - Apr/May 2019
TOTY - Russkaya Kozha: Technical report
How the biggest tannery in Russia came to look beyond the country’s borders and beyond footwear to find new markets at home and abroad.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2018
Country Commentary: Leather in a cold climate
Russia today has a relatively small number of tanneries for such a large country, with 20 leather manufacturers in operation. However, demand from the domestic market, owing to Russia’s large population and savagely diverse climatic and geographical conditions, as well as an eye for greater exports, are giving grounds for optimism.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2018
TOTY - Russkaya Kozha Ryazan, Russia
Russia’s biggest tannery has a history spanning more than 100 years and, as it expands its target markets beyond the domestic arena and beyond footwear, is investing heavily in new technology to create a bright future.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2018
TOTY - Buyer’s View: Russkaya Kozha and Unichel
The Russian footwear group insists that it will not compromise on the quality of its shoes in the face of what it calls “unfair competition from counterfeit products”. Instead, it intends to put more emphasis than ever on authenticity, which means investing heavily in leather from suppliers such as Russkaya Kozha.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2018
IHL’s commitment to partnership helps secure the big prize
Thai tanning group Interhides Public Company Limited (IHL) is the global winner of Tannery of the Year for 2018. This article explains what it is about the company that helped it stand out for the judging panel and gives IHL’s reaction to the result.
World Leather - Apr/May 2018
Talented Turkey seeks a fair price for its leather
Country Commentary: Experts on the Turkish leather sector argue that technicians and craftspeople there have shown for years how able and creative they can be in making highquality leather and finished products. This report suggests that if companies in Turkey can sustain their businesses by securing a half-decent price for lowergrade material, their better-quality products can fly high in the most demanding luxury markets.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2018
Sepiciler Torbali, Izmir, Turkey
Pioneering work over its 90-year history and ongoing commitment to environmental and social responsibility helped Turkish tanning group Sepiciler become Tannery of the Year for Europe in 2013. A series of deeply significant developments since then, with more to come, have brought the company to the attention of the Awards programme once again.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2018
China’s role as a consumer of leather
With two Chinese tanneries taking part in the sixth programme of Tannery of the Year, we are keeping up the tradition of aligning our country commentaries with the tannery reports by dividing the China country commentary into two parts. In the first part, we examined the country’s current status as a manufacturer of leather and leather products. In this follow-up we look at China as a consumer of leather and finished products that contain leather.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2017
Xingye Leather Technology, Anhai, Fujian Province, China
Twenty years on from its launch, Xingye Leather Technology has established itself as one of the leading leather manufacturers in China and it is now preparing to make its mark on the international market too.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2017
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