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Commentary on topics of the moment from the World Leather editorial team and guest bloggers. Podcasts coming soon.

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David Peters column: Fantasy Island - 21 May 2019
We are in a romantic relationship with leather, and like typical quixotic acquaintances our emotions often drive our desires, leaving the practical aspects aside. There is no question and no doubt that leather is the most incredible and dynamic mater...
Sam Setter column: APLF and beyond - 07 May 2019
In February I wrote about the first 2019 leather fairs. Now it is the turn of APLF, which honestly speaking offered me a lot of subjects to talk about.
David Peters Column: ‘App’ is not short for happy - 23 April 2019
On Apple products alone, there are approximately 2 million applications addressing everything one could imagine, with one noticeable exception: hides and leather. While a major retailer has a leather application describing how to craft various produc...
Sam Setter column: Taking stock - 09 April 2019
After all the doomsday predictions for the leather industry, with brands announcing they would drop leather from their collections, let’s take stock of what is really happening. Let us leave the propaganda to one side and look at the reality.
David Peters column: Silicon Valley and the metonymical effect - 26 March 2019
The headlights acted as a beacon, a shining light in the west, attracting an ever-increasing assembly of people. This culturally diverse group essentially formed a caravan that descended upon the shores of the Americas. They travelled by plane, train...

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