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Commentary on topics of the moment from the World Leather editorial team and guest bloggers. Podcasts coming soon.

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Sam Setter column: Brands - 10 September 2019
First of all my congratulations to Jakov Buljan for receiving and deserving the IULTCS Merit Award. Jakov has always had my greatest respect for his knowledge and his efforts to apply that knowledge in his work. Just a quick anecdote: when I visited ...
David Peters' column: Silver linings - 27 August 2019
There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the hide market, the least of which being the core depressant, namely the lack of shoe leather business. It seems that we travel the world and the seven seas and everybody's looking for something*. Events on all ...
Sam Setter: Safety first, or what? - 13 August 2019
Machine manufacturers are often confronted with habits in developing countries that do not inspire confidence. To put it mildly.
David Peters column: What have I got to do to make you love me? - 30 July 2019
Reattaching leather to the upper of a shoe is the only priority and initiative that counts. We can take all the great speeches and all the great conventions, and they won’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Idealistically professing that l...
Sam Setter: Here we go again - 02 July 2019
Animal right activists are back on the war path, at least in the Netherlands. Recent actions had nothing to do with the leather industry, but it is clear that the upstream part of our value chain, on which we depend for the supply of our raw material...

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