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Commentary on topics of the moment from the World Leather editorial team and guest bloggers. Podcasts coming soon.

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Sam Setter column: Machines and money - 14 September 2018
An article that was published in the newspaper The Chronicle in Lusaka on July 18, 2018 under local news had the headline, ‘Stop exporting raw hides, Comesa told’. To show you the huge nonsense that is fed to the newspapers, I am giving y...
David Peters column: ‘Book ’em’ - 28 August 2018
When Steve McGarrett, the lead detective in Hawaii Five O, finally found the perpetrators of the criminal deed, he would utter two famous words followed by a reference to his subordinate named, Danno. Ironically, often when hide sellers reach the cli...
Sam Setter column: South African success story - 14 August 2018
At long last it seems I do have some friends in the industry. To my great surprise I was invited to attend the annual convention of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists’ (SLTC) South African section, which took place in May in Hart...
David Peters column: Put me on a highway and show me a sign - 31 July 2018
The hide market is struggling to break out of a slump and it appears that there is sufficient momentum being generated on the down side to confirm the impending reality. “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”; this phrase aptly descri...
Sam Setter column: Quality is the new mantra - 03 July 2018
After spending lots of time condemning NGOs and other agencies, I want to change the subject. However, I will not stop trying to destroy a useless development system that produces no benefits for the leather industry in Africa. I will continue to att...

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