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Commentary on topics of the moment from the World Leather editorial team and guest bloggers. Podcasts coming soon.

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Sam Setter column: Quality is the new mantra - 03 July 2018
After spending lots of time condemning NGOs and other agencies, I want to change the subject. However, I will not stop trying to destroy a useless development system that produces no benefits for the leather industry in Africa. I will continue to att...
David Peters column: Sopite syndrome - 19 June 2018
We are entering the summer doldrums, climate-change people notwithstanding. This year we will succumb to an extended period of inaction and the perceived calm will have an opposite effect. There will be no wind in our sails, no waves to surf, no curr...
Sam Setter column: Examination of conscience - 05 June 2018
On May 26, Bangladeshi newspaper New Age published a devastating article that said the Dhaleswari river, which runs next to the Savar industrial tanning area, was being polluted by untreated tannery effluent from this cluster.
David Peters column: 38° N versus S - 23 May 2018
DMZ, not a hip-hop rapper, but a pristine scintilla of land separating the North from the South, is providing renewed optimism for a deal of bigly proportions that could potentially impact the hide and leather business.
Sam Setter column: Fair play - 08 May 2018
Sam Setter: Fair play

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