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David Peters column: We Gotta Get Outta This Place - 27 February 2018
Once again, the annual migration of industry authorities from the East to the West and the North to the South were set in motion in order to congregate along the banks of Victoria Harbour. This diverse assembly, looking for answers as the keystone of...
Sam Setter column: Parlez-vous Français? - 13 February 2018
Until now I have aimed my guns mainly at the English-speaking world, but the leather industry neither starts nor finishes with English and there is a significant part that speaks French (and Spanish or Portuguese), and in this article I will try to g...
David Peters column: ‘Weather’, or not? - 30 January 2018
The ‘bomb cyclone’ was the phrase utilised to describe the spine chilling temperatures that descended on much of the US as the new year began. Good news for retailers as associated apparel and winter footwear inventories dispersed leaving...
GLCC statement on ‘Flyleather’ - 17 January 2018
We reproduce in full a statement issued by the Global Leather Coordination Committee (GLCC) on January 17, 2018, questioning Nike’s use of the term ‘Flyleather’ and claims the sports brand has made comparing the environmental footpr...
Sam Setter column: Sustainability - 15 January 2018
First of all Happy New Year to everybody with the wish that the industry can finally stop complaining and look forward to an industrially rich and profitable 2018.

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