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Now in its fourth cycle, in-depth reports from nominees from the five regions – Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia excluding China, and China – from all programmes can be downloaded here, as well as reports of the awards ceremonies and details of the winners. World Leather is grateful for the backing of sponsors BASF, Buckman and Lanxess, and the support of the International Council of Tanners, the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies and the United Nations Development Organisation, as well as from the APLF exhibition. The background to the awards can be read on the Wikipedia page.


Tannery of the Year was launched in 2009 to celebrate leather, to help promote the material’s use throughout the world and to share positive stories from tanners in every continent. We have in-depth reports on all the tanneries that have taken part so far, containing detailed information about their companies, the state of the industry and thousands of examples of best practice. These reports are also collected in four volumes of our Tannery of the Year book.

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Country Commentary US leather industry starts to grow back
Leather Industries of America is one of the country’s oldest trade associations. It’s smaller now than in the days before globalisation, when millions of US hides began to flow overseas, but its president, John Wittenborn, says the companies that remain are strong and optimistic about growing the industry back.
World Leather - Apr/May 2017
Mississippi TanTec Leather Inc. Vicksburg, Mississippi, US
Drums started turning at the ISA TanTec facility in Vicksburg, Mississippi, at the start of 2015, making it the first tannery to commence production in the US in 25 years. Working from wet blue, it retans and finishes hides from prominent US cattle-producing states and supplies finished leather mostly to footwear brands for whom ‘Made in the US’ has become an important part of commercial strategy.
World Leather - Apr/May 2017
Buyer's View: Wolverine Leathers and Interhides Public Company Ltd
For a customer’s perspective of Tannery of the Year finalist Interhides Public Company Limited, we talk to the leather division of footwear group Wolverine Worldwide, a long-time partner, but one with new ideas that it is working on with the Thai leather manufacturer.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2017
TOTY: Interhides Public Company Limited
Two generations at Interhides Limited are now working hand in hand to establish strong partnerships with customers and suppliers and to make this family-run tannery, situated in one of Thailand’s main leather manufacturing clusters, a leader at home and internationally.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2017
Country Commentary - Recipe for success
The president of the Thai Tanning Industry Association, Pranee Kuruvelukorn, says leather is like cooking, with each part of the world having its preferred ingredients and traditional ways of preparing things. Thailand’s is a recipe for success, she says.
World Leather - Feb/Mar 2017
TOTY: Andrew Muirhead & Son Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow-based tanner Andrew Muirhead has seen great changes in the leather industry and to its local environment in its 175-year history, but it faces the future with confidence, buoyed by a determination to continue improving, innovating and walking the same path towards business excellence that it sees its customers taking.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2016
Regional Commentary - Stability in the face of uncertainty
One of a series of challenges to the established world order in 2016 was the result of a referendum in the United Kingdom in June, which means the country will leave the European Union after almost 45 years. Six months on from the vote, the leather industry is trying to maintain a business-as-usual stance on the one hand while also attempting to achieve clarity on what the future will hold.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2016
A new approach
Tannery of the Year enters its sixth programme with some important changes.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2016
Buyer’s View - The Palace of Westminster and Andrew Muirhead & Son
Customer relationships grow strong when there are genuine benefits for both the tanner and the organisation using the finished leather. Andrew Muirhead’s work with the UNESCO-heritage building that houses the UK’s parliament is a case in point.
World Leather - Dec/Jan 2016
Tannery of the Year 2016: Results
Social projects helped clinch top prize for Couro do Norte: A family-run company from the far north of Brazil is building up a customer base worldwide but is working hard to support deserving causes close to home. This turned heads and won hearts at the 2016 Tannery of the Year Final.
World Leather - Apr/May 2016
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