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Sam Setter column: Make my day - 11 April 2017
After the blog entries on Malawi Blues and the African Blues, my theory about the waste of development money has unwittingly been endorsed by the minister of industry of Zimbabwe, Mike Bimha and he really made my day when I read an article that was p...
David Peters column: Taps, the bungled call - 28 March 2017
We would suggest restraint in the trumpeting of global hide markets; any bellicose statements suggesting that renewed demand for shoe leather will cause prices to advance is a very risky business. I also see dead people and missing strawberries while...
Sam Setter column: Reptiles and sustainability - 14 March 2017
It seems that the Kering Group has stepped up its message to the world about sustainability, traceability and snake farming, publishing a new strategy in sustainability, setting targets and milestones it wants to meet by 2025.First of all I am not do...
David Peters column: The old 45 is scratched - 28 February 2017
Back in the day when we rushed out to purchase the latest hit record we played the tune on our turntable until it started to jump from one beat to another. We accepted that the quality of the recording would not be sustainable, even though the messag...
Sam Setter column: African blues - 14 February 2017
Last month World Leather published Malawi Blues, which, with the inspiration of readers with opposed views, I am expanding into African Blues.One of my faithful Ethiopian readers criticised my Malawi Blues article and wrote: “Why do you always ...

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